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Bulk Billed Eye Exams
Bulk Billed Eye Exams

All eye examinations are bulk billed under Medicare (if you are a Medicare card holder).  Our optometrists conduct thorough eye exams that take approximately half an hour where they will perform prescription testing, anterior and posterior ocular health assessments.  Read here to find out about what to expect in an eye exam.

Contact Lens Consultations
Contact Lens Consultations

Our optometrists are trained to find the right type of contact lens for you and your lifestyle ranging from a daily soft lens for an occasional wearer to a hard, permanent lens for those with strong prescriptions.  They also ensure that the lenses are the correct fit for optimal vision and comfort.  First time lenses wearers are guided through contact lens wear in a dedicated contact lens consultation, building confidence in insertion and removal and proper lens care techniques.

An optometry clinic is the best place to have red eye or sore eye assessed.  Our optometrists are qualified to test for ocular infections, inflammation and to detect more serious diseases. They are also therapeutically endorsed to prescribe ocular medications.  For more serious cases, a referral to an ophthalmologist with appropriate urgency can be arranged.

Treatment of Red Eyes
Treatment of Red Eyes
& Eye Infections
Retinal Disease Detection
Retinal Disease Detection

As part of the routine eye examination for everyone, sight threatening diseases are tested for.  These include but are not limited to glaucoma, macula degeneration and vein occlusions.  We provide further investigative testing such as a dilated fundus exams and visual field testing if required and they all bulk billed under Medicare.  A referral to an ophthalmologist may sometimes be necessary and the optometrist can help to organise it.


Anyone with diabetes can develop diabetic retinopathy which cause permanent ocular damage and result in vision loss.  As part of routine management of diabetic patients, our optometrists dilate the pupils using tropicamide eye drops  every 12 months for a really thorough examination of the retina.  In certain cases, more frequent monitoring may be required. A detailed report will then be sent to the GP or the endocrinologist.

Children of any age are welcome in our clinic.  The optometrists can use various methods to test their vision even if they are not able to read the alphabet, including letter or picture charts.  We recommended annual eye examinations for all children and they should have a test particularly if their parents wore glasses from a young age, if they have blurred vision, constant blinking, head tilting, squinting, headaches or even poor learning at school.  About 1 in 4 children have a vision disorder and many of them are undiagnosed unless tested in the optometry clinic. 

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Children's Vision
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Prescription Safety Glasses & Prescription Sunglasses

All prescription safety glasses fitted at our clinic are Australian Standard AS/NZ 1337.6 certified.  In the consultation, the optometrist will ask questions to determine the hazards in your personal or industrial work that are hazardous to your eyes.


All prescription sunglasses in our store pass Australian standards AS/NZS 1067 for UV protection.  Although sunglasses are often seen as a fashion accessory, they undergo mandatory testing for UV transmittance before they are allowed to be sold on the Australian market.

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