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Tired, red or sore eyes at the end of the day? Eyezen may be exactly the lens you need

Digital technology is developing so rapidly that our eyes are finding it hard to adapt to meet these new demands. The average Australian spends about 10 hours a day looking at digital screens like computers, mobile phones, tablets and lap-tops! The result is irritated and sore eyes and even blurred vision. The Eyezen lens is innovative technology designed to protect our eyes from all this increased screen time and simultaneously relax the vision.

What are the symptoms of eye strain?

​If after a few hours of using digital devices you experience any of the listed symptoms, you may have eye strain.  It is important to see an optometrist if you do suffer from any of these.

  • Tired eyes

  • Irritated eyes

  • Red eyes

  • Sore eyes

  • Headaches

  • Blurred vision

  • Light sensitivity

​​Why do digital screens increase the amount of eye strain?

When the eyes focus on something up close, the eye muscles have to work harder than if it were looking into the distance and so maintaining this for extended periods of time results in eye fatigue. Digital screens also increase the demands on our eyes because of the internal light source, the smaller and lower resolution of text and the use of multiple screens at the same time. Our reading speed on a screen is half of that compared to that on paper.

How does the Eyezen Lens reduce eye strain and protect the eyes?

The Eyezen lenses use Focus Technology to enhance the prescription on the lower portion of the lens allowing the eyes to relax more for devices that are held much closer and for small text on mobile phones. It also improves contrast and reduces brightness of screens by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches the eyes.


While blue light is emitted from the sun and other artificial light sources, our constant use of digital devices and the proximity significantly increases our exposure to it. The Eyezen lens includes a patented coating called the Crizal Prevencia that selectively filters out 20% of the harmful blue-violet light that may potentially lead to pre-mature aging like cataracts and age-related macula degeneration. However, it retains the beneficial blue light that is required for our natural circadian rhythm for healthy sleep-wake cycles, mood regulation and cognitive performances.

Do I need a prescription to wear the Eyezen Lens?

Even people who don't have a prescription can benefit from the Eyezen lens to protect their eyes from screens and reduce the amount of eye strain.


Please ask our optometrist about the Eyezen lenses at your next appointment!

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